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Friday, October 3, 2014

Chicken Pie Sale

Hey guys! I have good news! I have 56% of the funds I pledged to raise for Noah's Light Foundation. 

I am doing a chicken pie sale through Mrs. Pumpkins Bakery right here in Winston Salem to try and get me to my goal! This is a local sale only
(Virginia people.... I can deliver ( or get my mom and dad to) you are considered local)  :)

Here are the details:

You can choose between Moravian or Pot Pie ( The Moravian pie doesn't have is my FAVORITE)

The pies are $13 each or 3 for $36. They will come frozen and all you have to do is cook the frozen pie for an hour in a preheated 350 degree oven. Perfect for dinner this fall and winter! Also great to give to a family that just had a baby, or is sick or has lost a loved one.

Moravian pie
So if you want to order some yummy chicken pies the sale starts officially Monday Oct. 6th ( or you can inbox me right now as soon as you read this..... like right now!)  The sale will last through Friday Oct. 17th.

 Pie delivery will be the week following.

Chicken Pot Pie

Now for a really SWEET Deal! If you would like to partner along and help me

 ( that would make you AWESOME)  

Let me know ASAP and I will get you an order form. Its pretty easy...just send an email to your office, school, church, friends etc and give them the details, then collect the money, turn it all in to me by Wednesday Oct. 15th and I will order the pies and give them to you for delivery. 

The person who sells the most for Noah's Light gets a dozen mini cupcake from Gigi's! YUM! 

Abigail is totally gonna try and beat all of ya'll for the cupcakes. 

Thanks again for helping me reach my goal!! 

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