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Sunday, September 28, 2014

School this year!

Hey guys! Man, have we had a busy 8 weeks!. I just started my 10th ( What???!!) year of homeschooling. My kids are all busy with activities and school again. Here is their first day of school pics.

Abigail is in 11th grade and is taking 4 classes at High Point Home Educators on Mondays. She is also in Dual Enrollment at Forsyth Tech and taking 2 classes ( Art Appreciation and US History) there on Tuesdays and Thursday. If all goes as planned she will graduate from High School the same time she graduates with her associate degree from Forsyth Tech.  She is planning to play basketball again for the Carolina Cougars, is active in our church youth group and is thinking about taking a 9 month mission trip with The World Race after graduation next year.
 Nate is a 9th grader this year and is also Taking 4 classes with HPHE. He is in a Bible class on Thursdays and does Literature at home with me. He is on a local swim team and is playing guitar in church and for youth group. Micah is in 8th grade and also takes classes with HPHE on Monday as well as working on reading at home with me. He is in Bible class as well and is playing Varsity Soccer with the Forsyth Home Educator Hawks.  

 Essie is in 6th grade, takes classes on Monday at HPHE, Bible with us on Thursdays and is doing math and reading/Lit at home with me. She is still modeling and taking classes to improve her movements in front of the camera and the runway. She wants to also take a cake decorating class this winter.

Miss Sarah Faith is in preschool this year at Piney Grove and LOVES it! She asks every day if it is a school day. So happy she has found a place that she enjoys and feels safe at.

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  1. A dear friend named Andrea is on the World Race right now. 11 countries in 11 months. Here is a recent Post she did. I'd not heard about the World Race until she went on it. It sounds like she's having a great time.