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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

So What's The Deal? ( With my hair)

* If you are scrolling through blogposts looking for some sort of deep theological discussion or my thoughts on the depths of social injustice and depravity in our current world then you might want to just skip on along because this blog post would not be it. *

So... What is the deal with my hair that I feel the need to write a whole blogpost about it?

 Well, for the few who are actually interested I thought I would blog my experiences with the keratin treatment that I had on Friday.  It was an extreme enough difference to make someone I have known for 6 years actually introduce themselves to me at church, so was kinda a big deal around here  (to me) and I have had a few questions about it, so I thought I would memorialize the event in blog form and answer some questions along the way....  

I have thick, dry, naturally tight, curly hair that is beginning to grey, so it is also colored. ( I feel as though hair dye and antibiotics fall in the same category. God allowed man to make one so I wouldn't die and the other so I wouldn't grey. ) :)   

The social worker that did our homestudy 4 years ago came to our house with hair very similar to mine and then when she came back for our post placement visit, her hair was perfectly straight and super shiny.  I had to ask about it and she told me it was a keratin treatment and that it lasted about 5 months, decreases your hair drying time and tames all frizz! 

I was hooked so I started checking it out and realized it was WAY out of my price range to have done. I kinda filed it in the " wish I could do this one day" file ( sort of like teeth whitening and an Alaskan cruise) and didn't really give it much more thought. 

Fast forward to this year and I have a friend who is in school to be a hair stylist and I have discussed with her a few times coming in and letting her trim/color my hair. She started posting on fb that she was now certified to do keratin treatments and some of the before and after photos of her clients and I knew this was my time to have it done ( since she is in beauty school, the cost is a fraction of what it is in a salon) 

Sooooooo Friday I made my whole afternoon free to go have her color, trim AND keratin treat my hair. 

My before photo in the car. My hair is a box dye and I didn't like the brassiness that is had to it. Also. the frizz is real. 

I went with a dark mocha color....probably darker than I have ever had. I like it about 85% right now. ( I don't think I have ever made a hair decision and been 100% pleased)  I sort of think I should have waited for fall to be this dark.... but its ok. I don't dislike it...and sometimes I love there. Its hard being a girl . 
Here is my before and after. I love how shiny it is.

The kicker is you are supposed to wait 3 days before you wash it, put it up in a clip or pony tail or even put sunglasses on your head to keep it from denting. So I was really good all day Saturday and then Sunday I tried to flat iron it a little more and went to church. Between the dark color and the straight hair I got LOTS of comments. Some good, some" I miss your curls"... ya can't please them all.  ;)

Well, by Sunday night I was missing my curls too! I got a little panicked about my hair being straight for 5 months and decided that I would go for a run Monday morning and then shower.... about 12 hours earlier than I was supposed to. So I did ( using the keratin complex shampoo) and then I styled my hair normally the way I do for curly hair. I was very thankful to see that my curls were very much still alive, just smoother, less frizzy and softer. 

So.. Tuesday, I decided to experiment and see how it would look straightening it on my own. I washed it, dried it and used my chi flat iron. It didn't take nearly as long as normal to achieve straight hair and it stayed straight all day even though it was super humid outside,

 So today is Wednesday and I didn't wash it , instead I took my large barrel curling iron and put some waves in it. I like this look a lot too.

 So there ya have it! My adventures with a keratin treatment so far! I think if you had naturally straight hair it would be great for smoothing and you wouldn't even need a flat iron. I am SO glad that I still have my curls, because I know I would miss them ( and so would a lot of people apparently, because that was the comment I heard the most) but I am glad I have a doable option for straightening in the summer ( normally I only straighten my hair in the winter)

Would I do it again?
Yes.... It has made my hair tamer no matter the style I chose.

Will I do it again?
I dunno. If it lasts 5 months then it will be winter and my curls behave pretty well in cool dry air, so maybe next summer? We will see.

So whatcha think? Straight, curly or waves? Which one do you like best?

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