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Saturday, July 12, 2014

" Camp Essie"

This was the week  that my next to youngest, Essie, has been looking forward to. Her brothers and  her dad go to church camp  and her big sister, Abby,  goes to a basketball tournament and she gets to stay home with mom and baby Sarah.

This will be her last year doing this because next year she will be old enough to go to camp with them ( and maybe me too!) so I told her this week we would have a " Camp Essie" week. She can chose the activities and that would be what we did all week long.

Essie is my artistic kid and kinda marches to her own beat. She likes alone time and avoids crowds so I knew the majority of the things she chose would be from home. She surprised me though with a few fun outside activities.

Monday: We had to run some errands and then we went to Michaels to get some craft supplies, Trader Joes to stock up on some yummy food for the two of us and the lunch with my best friend,  Amy. Then  home that afternoon for her down time. We began our Pirates of the Caribeean movie marathon with the first movie that night.
Working on our craft project for the week. A button tree. 

Tuesday: Summer $1 movie at 10am. We went to see Freebirds. Then home for lunch and we began painting our button tree craft project. That afternoon we made key lime pie and Essie's first homemade bread. Then we made shrimp and grits for dinner to go with our bread and Amy came over for dinner. Watched Pirates Part 2 and stayed up until 11:00.

Essie's bread. :) She did a great job. 

 Wednesday: Sushi Day. Essie wanted to go eat sushi (gag) so we went to a buffet that had it and then to Target for a little shopping. We were gonna do the pool day, but Essie didn't want to. Hey, you won't hurt my feelings by not making me sit out in 90 degree weather watching kids run around crazy at a public pool.  Home to work on our button craft some more and watch Pirates part 3. We had ice cream sundaes for dinner. Just cause we could.
Sushi for Lunch
Dinner. Ice cream sundaes

Thursday: Essie declared this a pajama day. Home all day in PJ's.  A sweet lady in our church passed away so Greg needed to leave camp early and come home to help take care of the arrangements. I was a little worried Essie would be disappointed that we were not going to have a whole girls week, but she said, " Its ok, we can work around him." :)
We were super lazy all day and Greg  came home that afternoon. We took a pirates break and just watched Christmas in July movies on the Hallmark Channel and finished our button craft . ( You can do that when you are finally in charge of the remote control!)

Essie's finished project.
Friday: Dress like a cow day at Chickfila. We made the lamest cow costumes EVER and went to CFA, but when we  got there Sarah pitched a total fit and didn't want to get out of the car, so we did the drive thru and proved we were dressed like cows and got our free meals still . ( Yay and thanks Chickfila!)
I made a hair appointment for the afternoon since Greg would be home or at the church and left for a few hours and then came back, ordered us a pizza and we watched our final Pirates movie of the week.
GBC Youth heading to camp. 

Today all the chicks return to the nest! The boys had a great time at camp (or so I have heard)  and Abby's team WON the USBA National Tournament in Myrtle Beach last night. SO proud of those Carolina Cougars!!
Carolina Cougars USBA National Champs!! 

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