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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

My new farmhouse table

A few weeks ago Greg was visiting a widow in our church and she mentioned to him that she was going to have a yard sale around the end of May to get rid of a lot of the things that her children and grandchildren did not want when she passed away. She said she had been going though all of her items and she showed Greg a few of them including a farmhouse table that her father had made. He came home and told me about it, but truthfully, I forgot all about her yard sale until the Friday of it when i rode past her house and saw the sign out front. 

Now, I LOVE me some antiques. Especially those with known history behind them. Most of the antiques I have belonged to my Grandmother. I also dream of living on a farm. I am praying God would give us 12 acres. ( I have heard land is cheaper by the dozen...oh wait, thats kids, but I am good with 5 of those)  ;) 

So Greg and I loaded up to go look at her treasures and this table caught my eye right away. She only wanted $40 for the table AND the bench. Her father made it around 1920 and she said that she spent almost every meal around this table with her 9 brothers and sisters. She also told me her seat was right beside her daddy and that every thing he would put on his plate is what she would put on hers. That is how she learned to like vegetables. 

Well, we paid her and loaded it up, took it home and I gave it a good wash with Murphys Oil Soap and set it up in my kitchen. 
I LOVE how it looks! And she loved that it was going to a home with kids that would eat around it and make more memories. 

My father in law made a suggestion that I get as many facts about the table as possible and tape a note under the table to remember it, so I called the lady and asked her exactly when it was made, her fathers name and also where the farm was that she lived on when he built it. I taped the info under the table so we would always have it. 

My plan is to look at garage sales and estate sales this summer and find 4 unmatching antique chairs to go around it.

Then Abigail and I took our old kitchen table and gave it a makeover with funky blue legs and chalk board paint and now it is in our school room. 

I also bought a mantle and wooden door from the same lady that I bought the table from.... They have a story behind them too ( of course) I will post later how I made them work in our house.

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