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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June ( In a Nutshell)

We have had quite the summer so far! June has went by really fast and yet seems like we have been in June for a very long time! ( Summer tends to be that way for me... The fastest and slowest of days) 

June 1st started out with my 4 bigs flying to Florida to be with grandparents for 12 days. They split between Greg's dad and stepmom and his mom and stepdad. The kids got to go to the beach, the pool, the river and everywhere in between. They had SO much fun and 3 out of the 4 said they wished the trip was longer. #4 had fun but was happy to get back home. :) 
Meanwhile, back at home Sarah Faith was loving the whole only child gig. We took her to her horse therapy lessons, to the mall, to Tweetsie Railroad to see Thomas AND camping
Chillin with dad at Bass Pro shop
Our Concord Mills Day

At Horsepower
 I had bought a tent at a garage sale for $5 and we decided instead of our maiden camping trip be with 7 people we should try if first with just the three of us and see how it went. My only request was somewhere cooler than Kernersville. So we went to Boone, NC and decided to take Sarah to Tweetsie Railroad to see Thomas the train. It just a happened to be our 19th anniversary too. Romantic, right? :) Hey,  we have done the weekends away before and this time decided to just focus on our little bit that was home alone. We really did have a lot of fun just the three of us!

Sarah's camping face
All set up for camp! 
Sarah is excited to go see the choo choo train. Mommy is excited it is 73 degrees and not 90 in Boone.

  Greg outdid himself with a yummy campfire dinner... grilled chicken and roasted potatoes and salad. We were in Boone, NC so it was blissfully cool and I (shocker) enjoyed camping!
My dinner cooking on the fire! Yum. 

Dinner is served!

The campground had a HUGE sandbox that Sarah loved

Greg made us sausage, eggs and toast for breakfast... he took real good care of his camping girls. 

Thomas was kinda scary especially his whistle. But he made a lasting impression..shes still talking about him. 

The big kids came home right in time for Father's Day. I made Greg lunch after church and then that evening we went out for Froyo. It was a relaxing Sunday evening and that was exactly what he wanted. I am so blessed to be married to a man that is not only a wonderful husband, but an amazing father. Greg Mullis, you my dear, are a keeper.

Then we went to Lake Norman with the senior citizens at church ( preacher family perk) :) A sweet couple in our church own a home on the lake and invite us down every June. The kids had a blast on the jet skis and swimming in the lake... actually Sarah Faith and I did too just floating around. 

Abby got her boating license the day before we went so she could drive the jet ski.

Mrs. Mary teaching the kids how to play checkers during the afternoon thunderstorm.
 THEN we had a sweet Saturday morning with the Herewhe  family. We adopted from ethiopia at the same time. Laura and I kept each other sane from the very beginning of tracking our dossier to ET and then we were able to actually BE in Ethiopia together 3 years ago to meet our kids. We have not seen them since then and they were on their way to Ocean Isle and stopped by for brunch. I am so glad they did! It was great catching up with them .
Our Ethiopian boys

Recreating the photo we took in Ethiopia 3 and a half years ago. 

All our kiddos

Love her so much. I just wished we could see each other more often 

So that is the Mullis Life - June edition. We are so blessed to be able to spend time together as a family and with our church family and with friends. I expect July to be just as packed full of fun and we are looking at church camp for the boys and Greg, national basketballs at Myrtle Beach, Soccer camp for Micah and VBS for the whole family. Hope your summer is going well too.

Much love,


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