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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Happy Mothers Day

I had a pretty AWESOME  Mothers Day last weekend. We discovered that my van ( 12 passenger Ford) was going to need some work and some new tires to the tune of about $1000. I really have not liked the van since we got it. It is so big and hard to drive and terrible on gas. So Greg and I went to the local Ford dealership looking at possibly trading for a Freestyle station wagon that would still hold all 7 of us but would be much better on gas. They did not have any on the lot or even in their system because they don't make them anymore and so the salesman asked me what else I might be interested in. I just told him I would LOVE a Ford Flex , but they were not in our price range. He told me not to be to so sure about that. ;) 

Well after many hours of looking, test driving, haggling and all the other things that come along with buying a car, I became the owner of a 2011 Flex!  Love it. AND the car payment is the same as my old van! Yay!! It also gets great gas milage and is super fun to drive. 
Happy Mothers Day to me! 
Greg also bought me some running clothes and a cool book about farming on 5 acres. ( A dream I have) 

Of course these guys are the real reason Mother's Day is so special. My babies. All but one almost as tall as their mama. :) I am super blessed to have such great kids. 

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