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Saturday, April 5, 2014

My no good very bad terrible horrible long winter

You guys. I am so sorry that I haven't blogged in MONTHS. I need to catch all of you that are not my fb or instagram friends up on what my February and March looked like.
It looked like this. 

So when we left off I was happily training for my very first princess half marathon at the beautiful Walt Disney World Resort.  The very next week after my last post I took my daughter to a basketball tournament in SC. We stayed in the dorms and I was " lucky" enough to get a top bunk. So on the Thursday night we were there, I decided to jump off the top bunk to go to the restroom.

and broke my heel.



5 weeks before my first half marathon.

The one I have been training for since LAST JUNE.

I took it very well. (sarcasm)

Not only did it keep me from running at Disney World ( my favorite place in the world) it also kept me from running of any type.

And when I don't run. Things get kinda ugly.

So I am gonna be honest. February was kinda a drag. I really do need to workout in order to be sane. 

 I did swim and bike some, but it is not the same as runners high.  I also baked. 
a lot.
 and sat on my butt and watched Sherlock and Parenthood and the Blacklist and Downton Abbey and.... well, I sat on my butt a lot too. 

The weekend of the race was really hard for me because I had so many online friends running in it, but I liked all their pictures and cheered them on from home and my sweet in laws told me that they would still treat us to a WDW weekend, so I began to plan one for April and then March came along and I started working out a little more on the elliptical and then...

Finally! This first run back was on the treadmill at the Y and not a road run (although I have logged about 15 miles on the road again since my injury). We are leaving for Walt Disney World next week (!!!!) so  I have decided to take it easy and not run this week. I just can't take the risk of hurting it again or even soreness since it is feeling so much better right now and I will be walking a ton in the parks.

Once I get back from Florida though, Greg and I are starting a 12 week program called Body for Life.

It is an older program...I think the book was published in 1999, but the methods still hold true. It is VERY similar to a Paleo diet and focusing a lot on fitness. The man who wrote the book , Bill Phillips was a body builder so weight lifting is a big part of it. You also do cardio three days a week and that is where my running training will come in. I am going to be running the Hokie Half at Virginia Tech in October so this 12 weeks ( April 21- July7) will be great pre training before I begin the serious half marathon training again. It will hopefully allow me to lose the 10 pounds and soft spots that the February and March fitness "rest" added to my body.

So follow along and check out our progress. :)

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