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Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Color Run

I was able to run in my first Color Run this spring. This is something I have wanted to try since I first heard about them. They are totally low key races ( Not even timed) that you run and there are workers who throw this colored powder on you at different stations.  You are suppose to wear white so it will show up better and there is a lot of music and laughing..... it just looks like FUN!

So I sent out a message to some of my friends and ended up having a team of 4 to run. We called ourselves "The Goodwill Girls" because we all go to Goodwill Baptist Church together.  Then the weekend of the run, my mother in law and father in law were in town so my MIL, Kit and my 16 year old Abby decided the day before to run with us. Now we had a team of 6!

It really was the " Happiest run on earth" like they claim. Lots of color and music and just fun! Even though it wasn't timed, I timed us finishing at about 33 min. Not bad for a 5K that you are getting colored up on. :)

Abby and Me after the race

The Goodwill Girls Team

This was supposed to be our Disney Princess half team until I broke my heel 5 weeks before the race. I am glad we were able to to a color run, but I still want that princess bling! 

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