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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Weekly Workout Recap Jan 12

As I train for the Princess Half I am going to post a weekly workout recap on here. Mainly so I can see my progress and also it will keep me accountable. ;)

Monday:  Jillian Michael's Shred with Weights...I didn't get it in until 7:30pm BUT I did do it. :)

Tuesday: off day. Not really my planned off day, but it was 2 degrees with a high of 11. I didn't want to move much less run or go to the Y therefore I deemed it my "off day". Props to you athletes that deal with those temps all winter. brrr.

Wednesday: 3 miles on the 'mill at the YMCA while Nate got his braces on! The Y is crazy busy this time of year, but I was able to snag a treadmill and get in the three miles I needed to. Treadmills are so boring to me, but I am thankful for them when the weather is cold and rainy.

Thursday: Shred at 7:30am then the flu hit our house and I spent the remainder  of the day with a 3 year olds feverish body attached to me. :(

Friday: YMCA 60 minutes on the elliptical . I am reading Insurgent right now and trying to save it for the elliptical because it is SO good it makes an hour go by super fast. Someone asked me the other day what levels I train on. I usually do a 12 incline and a 14 resistance.

Saturday : run OUTSIDE. It was cloudy, stormy, but super warm, so  I checked the radar map, saw some clearing and took off.  I made it 4 miles before the rain caught me, but it was a lovely run.

Sunday: 3 mile run/walk  My goal was 10 miles this week so I decided to just do an easy three this afternoon. Nothing fast or amazing, but goal for the week is complete and that makes me happy.

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