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Sunday, January 12, 2014

My New Favorite Snack

I wanted to share with you all my new favorite snack! I read this article in Runner's World magazine about how sweet potatoes can help runners. Well, I am all about sweet potatoes...(especially in the form of fries)  :)

  So I started looking for ways to incorporate them with another new favorite super food,  Coconut Oil. (I buy mine at Trader Joes)

I am sure there are lots of recipes out there that are more technical, but here is what I do to make a super healthy yummy snack with just these two super healthy ingredients.

Peel one sweet potato and cube it into small bites.

Melt one teaspoon of coconut oil in a small cast iron skillet in a 400 degree oven. When oil is melted, take pan out of the oven ( be careful, it will be super hot!) , toss in the sweet potatoes and cook for about 25 min.

*Don't worry if they are a little soggy. They will crisp up a little more as they cool.

*Sprinkle with a little sea salt for some major sweet and salty yumminess .

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