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Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Fitness Blog

Have I mentioned that I am signed up to run in the Disney Princess Half Marathon next month? If you are friends with me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram ( and if we are not friends,  please click the handy dandy links over on the right side of the page and lets BE friends... K?) then you have watched my training process since June when I signed up for it.

I can run a 9 min mile ( just one... then I slow down to more of an 11 min. mile)  and I am averaging around 12 miles a week right now. Not the 13.1 in three hours that I will tackle in 43 days, but I am getting there.

I had thought about creating a fitness blog separate from this one, but honestly I can't see the need to. The whole reason I started blogging was:

 1. For grandparents to see what was happening with the kids  (and they are all hip enough to be on Facebook so they get to see plenty of kid updates and pictures)

2. To record and share home school lessons ( and my kids are now old. Algebra and Ancient History are not nearly as fun to capture in bloggy-world as say, a unit study on chocolate. )

3. To think and share deep thoughts. Well, I have 5 kids, homeschool and am training to run a half marathon. My thought are unfortunately not that deep right now. ( and if you need a blog with deep thoughts there are thousands out there, message me and I can recommend a couple.)

Soooooo I have decided to use my blog for all of the above if and when the notion strikes and also to record my training,  tips I am picking up along the way, must have workout items ( because you know there has to be some shopping involved) and recipes I am trying in order to fuel my body before I abuse it.  ;)

I will also do a trip report when I get back from Disney and detail every sweaty moment for you...exciting, huh?:)

So follow along if you would like to..the more the merrier.


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