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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 New Years Bags

New Years Bags 2013

We have New Years Bags every year on New Years Eve.I am pretty sure this is our 9th year doing this fun family activity.  I usually start planning my theme and what I want to put in the bags around Thanksgiving. For every hour, there is a bag with a short phraserhyme or riddle taped on the front. They take turns being the one to open the bag and inside is something to do/wear/play/eat for that particular hour. 

Our Theme this year is Marvel Superheros. The rhyme is in red.  Photos to follow the opening of the bags. :) 

10am  Marvel Tee Shirts 

Another year will be gone in just a little while. We are gonna celebrate today HERO STYLE.

11AM Wii U Marvel Heros Lego game

Today is gonna be so fun, it may even be insane. So lets start it off with a new WiiU Game! 

12pm Cups and Plates with Avengers theme

You are now an agent in the Marvel Club. So lets fuel up with a HERO sub!

Lunch Menu:
Hero Subs
Hulk green grapes
Wolvarine claws ( Bugles) 
Spiderman webs ( Twizzlers pull and peel) 
Captain America Cream Soda

1pm  Sling Shots and Amo

We are gonna head outside where its not to hot. Time to train with Hawkeye and practice your shot

2pm  Marvel Trivia

You practiced your shots outside and took the time to train, now that we are back inside, lets work on your brain! 

3pm Pretzel rods, white chocolate, sprinkles. Make Thor hammers by dipping white melted chocolate on to the ends of our pretzels and rolling them in sprinkles. 

Hunger can make us weak , it can even make us fear.  We are gonna be like Thor and get some power from the hammer, Mjolnir.

4pm BBs and target 

Super powers are good and they help us out a ton , but sometimes what you need is a big powerful gun!

5pm Pepper Potts Pizza ( Pizza supplies) and Ironman Punch ( sprite & rasberry sherbert)

Being good  can take a lot out of you. Lets make Pepper Potts Pizza and drink some Iron man punch too 

6pm  games for dessert   (in bag: Cookies, M& M;s already separated
 Clear plastic cups with Hulk, Ironman and Captn Americas photo on them. 

( Game 1 : Cookie on your forehead and wiggle down to your mouth) 

(  Game 2: Separate M&Ms into  1. red and yellow for Iron man 2. green for hulk 3. blue and red for Capt America.  Toss m & ms into labeled clear cup a distance away… kinda an M&M corn hole game) Eat whats in the cup.

You had your supper…. now it is time for something sweet. But you have to earn it. Heros just don't get to have a treat.  

7pm Phineas and Ferb meet Marvel Heros DVD.

Lets Chill out and watch a show. Open the bag to see who is our Hero! 

8pm Red, White and Blue popcicles.  Empty bag…. popsicles are in the downstairs freezer

Captain America inspired your treat for tonight, But you will have to find it because it is hid out of sight. Think of his colors and of something cold. Where could this be? What sweet things could it hold? 

9pm Drawing game with Marvel theme.

Lets check out your artistic ability. How well can you draw every hero that you see? 

10pm  Silly String

Only a few more hours till the ball drops in NYC. Lets celebrate in style….like we are Spidey. 

11PM  Strips of paper in the bag. Play 2 truths and a lie about things you want to accomplish in 2014 

Only one more hour until 2014. Lets play a game during the commercials as we watch the New York party scene. 

MIDNIGHT sparkling cider

We made it to the New Year and we partied with all our might. Have some sparkling cider and call it a night.

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