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Monday, January 20, 2014

Weekly Fitness Recap Jan 19th

Here is my Weekly Fitness Recap. It was a good week! I even braved a new activity...swimming! Now, I know how to swim and have swam for years, but never in a lap pool where I am counting meters. It was a good workout and I was surprised to find that I was out of breath by 3 laps.

Monday: Run 6 miles
Tuesday: Upper body weight training
Wednesday: Run 4 miles
Thursday: 1 hour on the elliptical
Friday: Jillian's Shred
Saturday: Off
Sunday: Swim 600 meters

So I was able to get my 10 miles in and also was able to take a needed day off. I am hoping to swim again this coming week or even take a yoga class. :)

I am planning on a really long run this week because The Princess Half is one month away from this Thursday! Eeeeeeek! I am soooooo excited!


Would you rather swim or run for cardio?

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