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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thankful Things.

So if you are a Facebook person (like I am) you have probably read or even participated in the 30 days of thanks. This is where you give thanks each day of November on your status. To be perfectly honest,  it is refreshing to see more thanks than complaining  on FB ....but at the same time  it is annoying that all of a sudden, since it is the eleventh month of the year , we must now be thankful and let everyone else know...

 So I didnt participate. Because I am a non conformist and because I probably couldn't be consistent for thirty days and because as I kinda bugs me.

But I am thankful. So very thankful for all Gods blessings on me. In November and the other 11 months of the year. God gives me way more than I deserve or am grateful for. Since this is Thanksgiving week I thought I would list a few of the things I am so very happy about having in my life.

                                                                     These guys.
Being a mama is hard work, but I am so thankful that these 5 call me that. I love them so very much and they make me laugh and make me crazy and make me happy to live the life I have.

This man.
I remember a few months after we were first married it hit me one day what was so awesome about being married. You get to have a sleepover with your best friend every single night. 
He is still my best friend and we still sleepover. ;) 
My parents. 
God blessed me with good ones.  They love me and my sister and they love God. They have always been a consistent source of love and support. 

They are kickbutt good grandparents too. 
                                                                           My inlaws.
Greg's parents were divorced and remarried when he was young so I have been doubly blessed with inlaws. :)  Some people would say that sarcastically, but it is really true for me...blessed.
I love them, but I actually like them too!  They are also fantastic grandparents. I am SOOOO happy that my kids will have grown up having 3 sets of grandparents that they were able to be loved up on and made memories with.

My Sister.
My sister and I are so very different from each other...(looks , likes, personality etc) that I didn't realize we could also be friends until we were both adults. Then she moved all the way to Colorado. I am thankful for her and for the way we can still stay in contact with each other. My kids love their crazy Aunt Jodi to pieces too. 

My Sister in laws.
Greg's sisters are 12 and 24 years younger than him..It kinda makes us more like an aunt and uncle to them, so the relationship isn't typical, but it is still sweet. 
Aunt Kimmy lives in NYC and we have watched her grow into herself as an artist and city girl. Aunt Gigi lives in Florida and is so much fun for the kids when we go visit her. She has grown into a beautiful young lady and I am excited to watch what God has planned for her.

Our Church.
I love our church.  There are times when the dynamics drive me a little cray cray, but all in all, we are blessed to be here and a part of this gathering. 
It is a traditional Southern Baptist church...the oldest in our association. The roots run long here. Tradition is deep. It may not be cutting edge/ church plant /one word name kinda place, but the people have a depth and love that is hard to find other places.
 I love that we sing hymns on Sunday morning. I don't listen to hymns in my car..I listen to contemporary christian music, so my kids are only exposed to hymns at church. I love that they get that exposure. I love the elderly and how they love on us. How they have accepted my two Ethiopians and look at them the same as my bio kids.  Are there faults? Yes, but I doubt you could find more than 2 believers gathered that there would not be differences. So, I chose to not focus on our faults and differences and instead look at the many gifts God has given us through this body of believers. 

Oh...and our preacher is kinda cute too. :) 

This is the annual harvest table set up EVERY year the Sunday before Thanksgiving by Mrs. Lillie. It makes me smile every year. I took a picture because eventually she is going to be celebrating Thanksgiving in heaven and someone is going to want to place a boring old mum on the communion table and I want to look at this picture and remember. 

Adoption has blessed me not only with two children , but also with a different perspective on how the heavenly Father looks at us. It has also given me a whole community of believers that have adopted and are like minded in the trials and blessings of parenting adopted children. 

Our House. 
I kinda have difficulty with this one on some days. I have to give the desire for a home of our own over to the Lord almost weekly. I worry about not having our own home if something happened to Greg or when we retire (eventually). 
I long to nest in a place that is my own. BUT... on the other hand is such a blessing to live right beside the church and in a house that is large enough for our family. We have land and heat and air and a place for kids and doggies to run and we have no mortgage. So I am thankful for our parsonage. 

I love our big black lab. He can drive me crazy sometimes , but he is the sweetest, most gentle dog I have ever been around. He makes me happy.
I have been blessed with so many different kinds of friends. I have college friends, homeschooling friends, church friends, adoption friends. Friends from churches we have been at in different states. I am also thankful for the blessing of Facebook and Instagram so that I can keep up with my friends.

 I am also super thankful for my best friend, Amy.

We have been friends since we looked like this.

So thankful she lives in NC now and I can see her more often. Also that we have aged gracefully and no longer look like that highschool photo. 

{OK...So the rest of my Thankful Things are a little more like favorite things..... not nearly as deep or thoughtful, but I am still thankful for them.}

Homeschooling. I am pretty blessed to be able to teach my kids and be in charge of their education. 

Starbucks Holiday Blend.  Liquid gold. I read the other day 13 ways drinking coffee can help you live longer. I am pretty sure I will live until I am 380. 

This show. I am not a huge tv watcher but this show speaks to me and makes me laugh out loud and cry almost every single week. 
Apple inc. I am soooooo not techno smart but my iPad, iPod, macbook make me almost think I am. :) 
Christmas. This is my favorite time of the year. I start one of these planners around August. I have gift ideas, recipes, fun activities.... I almost didn't make one this year because of pinterest, but I like keeping it old school.  :)  My kids know they better stay out of mama's Christmas book. 

Basketball. I have three kids playing this season and I am married to a basketball player who is now a coach. It is the sport that keeps my family connected and for that I am thankful for it. In January, when I am trying to balance a 22 games schedule between three kids I may pull my hair out, but I still love it. 

Community Bible Study. We started in a CBS class this past August and it has been such a gift. We are studying the book of Acts. I am thankful for my Core Group and my kids classes. It is super cool to be able to study Gods Word in depth with them. I have been in church my whole life and have had 4 years of Bible college and I am still learning from this class every week. 
Philosophy. This is my new face wash, moisturizer and I am so happy to find it.  My skin feels better than it has in years. It smells so clean too! Love Philosophy! If you are ever in Ulta or Sephora..check it out. 

The last thing on my thankful list are my readers. Yes, you!  ( All 10 of you) ;)  that read my blog!

I started bloggin about 8 years ago as a way to keep grandparents in the loop about school and activities with my 3 kids. Then, through our adoption it was so therapeutic to pour my heart out on my blog and have readers pray.

 Now it is just about our crazy Mullis Life and anything that pops into my head that might be interesting. Thanks for hanging with me and for encouraging me to keep it up. Thanks for checking in  (even through the dry spells). Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving this week. 

Much Love, 


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