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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Abigail's Birthday Celebration

Abigail's 16th birthday was Tuesday. She started off the day by getting up early to be at the DMV as soon as they opened to get her driver license. She was fifth in line and I think her daddy was as nervous for her as she was! He kept texting me play by play on where she was in the process. "They are calling her name!" "She's going out to the car!" and then finally, " She DID it! She PASSED!"  We were all pretty excited because nothing would be a bigger bummer on your 16th birthday than not passing your drivers test.!

She was a tiny bit happy about it...can ya tell? 

My Mom and Dad came down that afternoon to go with us to dinner and bring her their gift ...... a Ford Explorer! They were in the process of buying a new car this fall and decided instead of trading their old explorer in they would just give it to Abby. My dad explained it is a family car that we can all use since we all can fit in it ( rather tight) and it is 4x4 so we can take it to my inlaws cabin in the mountains. Still....It is ABBYS car to drive and she is SUPER happy about that!  
With her new car keys and title

Thanks Nana and Gramps for the best birthday gift a 16 year old could want! 

Abby didn't want a party...(she said it was to stressful wondering if anyone would come and if they did come, were they having fun)  ;) She only wanted to go out to eat....somewhere good. So she chose Kabuto, a Japanese steakhouse. It was really good too! We all stuffed ourselves. 

Waiting for dinner! 

They also came out and sang to Abby and made her flap like a chicken and gave her a bowl of ice cream. That was pretty funny. :)

 We then went to Best Buy for her to pick out a case for her new phone. (That was our gift to her) Then it was home to enjoy some yummy cupcakes from Gigis cupcakes. They were SO yummy too!

I think she had a great birthday. Exactly like she wanted it to be. The very next day she made plans to drive herself alone ( GULP) to the movies to meet a friend. She had two siblings offer to buy her movie ticket if they could tag along, but she really wanted her maiden voyage to be all alone. So she went there and got home safely and texted me three times like a good girl and she even brought home a gallon of milk because we were low.

I may like this new driver thing. ;)  Now, I just need to teach her to run by Starbucks for me on her way home each time out.  :0

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  1. Abigail's Birthday Celebration is truly eye catching. I really love how everything turned out. Last week we also hosted a surprise pre-birthday bash for our mom at her favorite indoor Chicago event space. She had no idea about this bash so it was amazing seeing that happiness on her face when she entered the venue.