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Monday, November 18, 2013

Happy Sweet 16 Abigail Grace... A letter to you.

{So apparently my children turning 5 and 16 are the two ages that I become weepy messes over.  I don't seem to remember being this nostalgic since Essie turned a whole hand back in 2007. }

My oldest turns 16 tomorrow at 10:59pm. ( That is one of the perks of being the oldest.. your birth time is blazed in your mother's memory.) I cannot believe she will be 16. To say that time goes by fast is so very accurate. It is also true to say that this child has been a blessing to so many people in so many ways. 
You were the first. Our first.  First grandchild ( On both sides) , first great grandchild ( on both sides) , first baby girl in the church nursery in quite a while... the new preacher's baby. And oh how we raised you by the book. So very careful about your feeding and sleeping schedule, how warm or cool you were . We even limited your exposure to germs and television. 

We knew everything and didn't have a clue. 

But somehow you survived us newbie parents and bloomed into a beautiful young lady we can be so very proud of. So in honor of your Sweet Sixteen years. Here are 16 of the things I love about you. 

1. Your quick wit and super great sense of humor. I can usually count on you to get my quotes, quips & jokes and to crack a few of your own. 

2. Your calming spirit. Even when I am spittin mad at the other kids or in tears because we are totally lost on a road trip. You never lose your cool and you keep your crazy mama sane. 

3. Your ability to speak and understand sarcasm fluently. Your daddy has taught you well.  :) 

4. Your fashion sense. You are so gifted to accessorize me and tell me what shoes to wear or what scarf looks best. And you never mind me borrowing your stuff. I always looked forward to that part of having a girl. The gift of style is not one everyone has. Your Aunt Amy and I have taught you well. ;) 

5. That you are athletic and leave your heart on the court every time you play. I am so glad that you are a ball player. Your daddy and I love to watch you play. I look forward to MANY more years of games. 

6. How responsible you are. I love that I don't need to worry that you won't choose the right path. Ever since  you were little,  your moral compass has pointed you true north. 

7.  What a great big sister you are. You have set the bar high for your brothers and sisters to attain to. You are kind to them ( most of the time) and they adore you ( most of the time). You set a great example for them on how to be a good kid and an easy one to parent. And you love Sarah Faith so very much. You really are like mama #2 to her and she loves you so much. Thank you for being such an amazing big Deesy to her. 

8. How much of your heart is in Africa. I so want to go back to Ethiopia with you and to see you with the children there again. God placed big love in you for those kids. I love that you are willing to serve Him there or anywhere He wants. 

9.  That you were born in West Virginia.  Your birth and the years following will always represent the most loveliest, hardest, life changing, special few years of my life. There are so may times I wish I could go back to the first year of your life and just soak in those moments....

10. What a great student you are. You were easy and fun to homeschool and now as you are schooling much tougher subjects, I am proud of your hard work and dedication to your schoolwork and keeping your grades high. 

11. Your versatility . As a preacher's kid you have had to be on display more than most kids and you have handled it with so much poise and grace. You have the ability to lunch with senior citizens, rock babies in the nursery, play with toddlers, teach kids, sing or act on stage or to work a sound system. and you do them all without complaint and do them well. 

12. That you are my friend. I have heard you are not supposed to be friends with your kids and maybe that is true when they are 8 or 10, but at 16 there is no one I would rather go to dinner or shopping or to a movie with than you, my friend AND daughter.

13. Your willingness to help in any way we need you to. If I need you to babysit or do laundry or cook or go do something at church, you are always willing to help without complaint. Truth is, things run more smoothly around here because of you and how much you do. It doesn't go unnoticed or unappreciated. ( though it may feel that way sometime.)

14. What a great friend you are. When I was your age there was way more drama with friends than you ever have had.  You are a good friend and have chosen good friends. I am thankful to say that I love your friends too. 

15. Your wisdom. You are so wise in waiting for God to send you the right boy/man for your life and not worrying about that. You are wise to wait and pray about your college choice and job choice. I always wanted to run ahead of God in those areas and I love your patient example. 

16.  (This one might should have been first, but it is more than any what I think about when I think about you.) How much you love Jesus. More than boys or sports or friends. You always try to please Him first and I pray you never lose that desire. 

So thank you Abigail Grace Mullis for giving us 16 years of parenthood so far. Happy Birthday baby girl. I love you so much. 

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