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Friday, November 1, 2013

October Week 4 Trunk or Treat

We had Trunk or Treat and our annual Chicken Stew at church on Sunday.
(Chicken Stew needs to be capitalized because, well,  it is just that important of an event round here)

It really is one of my favorite church events of the year. We always have a big crowd come out for it and it is so much fun to see everyone pitch in to help make it a good night. I usually start putting pressure on myself to get a family themed costume together around March and think on it all summer. This year, it wasn't to hard to get it all together and the kids loved it! They dress up in their own costumes for Halloween night but for this event, they will pretty much let me put them in whatever I want. 
We had a hayride and bonfire and Sarah Faith went on her first hayride! She wasn't to sure about it (as with most things she has never done before), but she sat on my lap and loosened up about halfway though. She did look up at me at one point and say, " Mama , where we going?" I guess her little brain was trying to figure out what in the world was up with 30 of us piled on hay putting around the neighborhood behind a tractor. 

The Cat in the Hat and Mr. Grinch

My Suess-y Family
My friend, E's family was soooo cute. Snow White, the Evil Queen, The Mirror and the Apple

We had two race cars there ( We do live in NC)  :) 

The Pirate Family

Thing 5. We have taken Sarah off all red dye's and she had just had some M&M's . This pic is kinda like watching a time bomb right before it explodes.

Go Panthers! 

Mark and his daughter Kendyl. Mark is our across the street , down the hill neighbor. He has worn this sweatshirt every Halloween I have known him. It is oddly comforting for me to see him in his orange sweatshirt  with the safety pin jack o lantern on it. Kinda like all is right in the Halloween world. 

My things . Love them! 

Super cute tooth fairy and her tooth (or as he said, her toothache)

Nana and Gramps rode down for the evening. Here is nana with Thing 2 
Gramps with Sarah Faith. This is right before she broke his glasses trying to get off his head. Sigh.  3 year olds. 
Trying to get her warmed up to the hay before the hayride. 

My BFF , Amy came to help ( and did a fab job pouring drinks and slicing cakes while I ran around keeping SF from red dyes) Once she sat down with me to eat, Sarah must have thought Amy was me, because she climbed in Amy's lap!( Not usual behavior for my little shadow)  Well, I moved around the table to take this picture and when she looked up, her face was priceless! She was trying to process how she could be on MY lap and me taking her picture! She hopped off Amys lap ASAP. It was super funny though.
We had a great night. I love that our church takes time and spends money on events like this for the kids in the community.  This was Sunday and I honestly felt like Halloween should have been over Monday morning we had so much candy already. But nope, still had Halloween night to look forward to. Essie and I planned a spooky dinner for Thursday. Pics of that to follow soon!

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