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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Trick or Treat!

We had a super fun trick or treat night. Essie and I planned a spooky Halloween dinner and then we all went across the street to the sub division there to do a little trick or treating. This was Sarah's first year and she wasn't too sure about it. She rode in the wagon most of the time happy to munch on some treats, but she did go up to a few houses. She liked the ones that had puppies at home. 
So as a part of our dinner, Essie made place cards for everyone that turned us into gruesome creatures. It was pretty funny. Here is her picture as zombie girl. 

Our Menu was Eyeballs ( meatballs), Spiders Lair ( Taco bake) , Ghost Guts ( Beef dip) , Punkins ( Mandarin oranges and orange soda. Our dessert was KK  Halloween doughnuts.

Then it was off to Trick Or Treat! Sarah Faith was a princess, Abby, a cowgirl, Essie a witch, Nate, a Minecraft character and Micah was a ninja.

And then the fun part...coming home, dumping it all in the floor and beginning the great candy swap while watching The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. 

Another October in the books! It was crazy busy, fun and exciting. Now on to November where basketball season for 3 kids ( and one very handsome coach) begins, my oldest turns 16! and we celebrate all the blessings God has given to us. Of course, I have already began plans for the Christmas season too. I have my planner all ready to begin to fill up with gift ideas, card layouts, menus and other fun events. 

I kinda love November because the pressure of the holiday season isn't quite here, but the anticipation is so very high and exciting. More on my plans for Christmas in upcoming posts. :)  

Hope you guys have a great first weekend of November. Don't forget to "Fall Back" tonight. 

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