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Thursday, October 31, 2013

October ( week 3)

I was able to run in the Salem Greenway 5K with my friend, Elizabeth. I have never really liked the thought of running with someone, but she sure did keep me going that day! I had taken a 2 week break because of being in Florida and a couple rainy days when I was suppose to run. I was a little nervous trying to pull a decent time, but Elizabeth  was good motivation for me to keep running. She just had a baby in August so I am thinking if she can run the three miles, so can I! It was a cool rainy morning, but we had a good trail and there were around 180 runners so not to crowded. We finished in 33 min,  I had not eaten anything for breakfast ( new runner mistake) and so I was sugar crashing after the race so the best part for me was there were chick fil a biscuits at the finish line. :) 

I have caught the race bug though! As soon as I came home I started researching local 5k's so we can run another one soon. 

Here we are with our medal. 

Essie had some exciting things happen in her new modeling career this week. She was in the Hamricks sales flyer's. Her first gig! Here are a couple of the ads.
She is the one in the red and black dress

Love the sweater!
She also got her first paycheck! :) It is not a lot,  but hey.. She is my only child where her hobby is making money , not costing me money! 

 And then Miss Sarah Faith turned 3!!!  I am having a little bit of mommy guilt about the way we celebrated her birthday...but I am trying it let it go.  She is NOT a people person and does not like attention on her. In fact just opening gifts with people watching her can freak her out. So a birthday party is not something she would enjoy. We decided to keep it very low key. The big kids had their Monday classes, so we dropped them off and went to her favorite spot, chick fil a and had lunch together. Then we went to Target ( another place she likes to ride around in the buggy, but she hates walmart...maybe too big and noisy?) and then home for the afternoon. I baked her a cake and we had cake with her that evening. It was not very big, but it was a special day for her I hope.

Lunch with mommy

Birthday cake

At three Sarah Faith loves her Leap Pad Explorer, the Backyardigans, Mickey Mouse, Teddy Grahams and Little People. She is sleeping in a big girl bed, is potty training ( still!) and feeds herself. Her favorite book is Good night Moon and The Mitten and she loves to go outside and play and jump.

Happy Birthday Sarah Faith Mullis! Mommy loves you!!! 

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