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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

September in a nutshell

Where have I been?! Oh my..I am not sure you even want to know. This has been my busiest fall to date. I know it is a very swift season of my life when I have all these early teen years children to haul around from practice to events, but right now....I just long for a day to stay in my pajamas and bake cookies!

September was full of soccer, softball,volleyball, co-op and Bible classes. Greg went to Florida for a week alone to preach and we also had a birthday ( Essies..but we didn't really celebrate it until October)  Here is a recap :

Abby played varsity volleyball for the FHE Hawks this season. The won the MAC high school championship. 
Micah played soccer for a local rec league. He really loves soccer and is so good at it. 

Greg played on the church softball league again this fall. When the game times were early enough , we all went to cheer. 

We went to the cabin for Essie's birthday and spent the weekend with grandma and pawpaw. 
I love how we are all the same height except Sarah and Greg. :)
The same weekend, we also went apple and pumpkin picking. 
Krispy Kreme had Talk Like A Pirate Day to get a free doughnut BUT if you dressed like a pirate you got a free dozen! As you can see.... everyone dressed up and promptly wrote their name on their box of yumminess when we got home so no one else would eat them. Arg!!! 

My sweet friend, Kristy who I met in college came to visit me! She is working on her doctorate at LU and added a few extra days on to her trip to come see me.  We had a good time catching up. BTW...what is up with my hair looking red and larger than normal here? 

Essie had her first big audition for a commercial! She didn't get the part but we had a fun afternoon driving down to charlotte for it. The experience was good for her too. Hoping there will be more in the future.

We were invited by friends of ours at church to their Lake house on Lake Norman for the day. It was perfect weather and we had a great time. 

More Lake Norman fun!
Guess who moved into a big girl bed?! She has been doing great sleeping in it too. She is actually a whole lot happier about it than she looks. 

 OK. I think that is September in a nut shell! I think I will break October into weeks because we did even more then!. I blame Instagram and Facebook for my lack of blogging. It is so easy just to snap and be done with it, but I am going to try to keep up over here too. I miss you guys. :)

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