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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

OCT ( week 1) Family Photos and the Fair

Our first week of October we were scheduled to have family photos. The photographer, Joe Bradley,  (that Essie worked with for her portfolio) said he would do our family shots. He is an amazing professional photographer, so I jumped at the chance to have him come out. I wanted this to be our Christmas Card photo and the kids school pictures.

 It was SO hot and the stink bugs were on some sort of Egyptian Plague Reenactment Mission and Sarah Faith has just gotten up from her nap and was so cranky. Ya'll, the fact that he even got one good shot is a testament to how good he is!  I just sent him my choices to edit this week, but here are a few of the proofs..just a little sneak peek. These are not the ones I had him edit, but I wanted ya'll to see our outfits and how good he is at capturing real life pictures. I will post the edited ones ( minus my Christmas card one) when I get them back.

I liked how everyone is looking here and Sarah is not exactly scowling, but I had such a Beverly Hillbilly vibe going on with us all piled in Greg's bronco that this one didn't make the cut. 

This is right before Greg's back went out. Just kidding! He is stronger than that. I do like my hair in this one. 

Then we went to the Dixie Classic Fair! The kids have had a School/Chore Chart since the first day of school. If they did their chore for the day and completed all their school work they earned $1 a day towards the fair. 
By fair day, they had $36 each!  Unlimited ride wristbands are $25 and fair food is crazy expensive so it was a good lesson on how long it takes to earn money and how fast you can blow through it! 

Greg's thoughts on the fair lean more towards the torturous side so he stays home with Sarah on fair days. The day was unusually cool which made me very happy. I would much rather wear a hoodie and drink coffee at the fair than have to wear sunscreen and be sweaty. 

My kiddos and the Roache family. This is our third year going to the fair together. 

We also met up with the Held family and Abby's friend Peyton. I had to annoy them all with a group shot. 

Abigail with her BFF's , Peyton and Katelyn. 

Me and my girl , Essie

Abby had a volleyball game at 4 so we had to leave earlier than we probably would have. I do not like the fair at night ( creepy people come out!) but we would have stayed until dark if she wouldn't have. Still, it was a fun day for everyone. I do love the fair. It is a perfect beginning of the fall season for me. 

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