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Friday, August 23, 2013

Exciting first week of school

We started school on Monday Aug 19th.  We are doing things a bit different this year.... The kids are going to a co-op... (a hybrid school really) on Mondays. 

They go to 4 classes from 11:30 - 4:00. Then they bring home assignments from class to do with me at home each day. I will add the subjects that they are not getting at class ( For Nate, it is history. For Micah and Essie it is grammar and math.) we will all be starting Community Bible Classes after Labor Day on Thursdays and Homeschool PE at the YMCA on Tuesdays.  Abby is taking a biology lab at a different location on Thursdays , but the rest of her subjects are covered on Mondays in class. 

One week down and we are all really liking it! I hope it will continue to work for them and for is the first year in 8 years that I have not been in charge of choosing and planning their curriculum. The great thing is a lot of the texts chosen for class, I have used or would have chosen so that made me feel good.

 It is nice to be able to have a few free hours on Monday and for the kids to take notes and remember assignments and to have someone else instructing them also. 

First day of school

Esther Hope 5th grade

Micah 7th grade

Nate 8th grade
Abigail 10th grade

Sarah Faith will be 3 in October. She's doing some fun preschool with mama. Here she is cheering on her Hawks in Abby's first volleyball game of the season. 

Abby and her friend Katelyn after their first volleyball game...a win!  

In other big news... we took down the crib and Miss Sassy pants is now sleeping in a big girl bed! She only woke up twice the first night and not at all last night. She likes it and calls it " Sarahs big bed".

She looks so sad here because when I put her in it to take a picture she thought it was night night time....even though it was only 6:30  ;) 

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