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Sunday, July 7, 2013

To Florida and home again

My big kids left for Florida 2 weeks ago today and was with grandparents for 10 days. Greg and Sarah and I spent the first week at home, doing jobs around the house and then we loaded up and went to Greg's parents cabin in western NC. 
and it was 55 degrees on the mountain..... (LOVE) 
This was our view each morning

We did a little shopping....

And went to the NOC and stood on the Appalachian Trail
 Meanwhile our big kiddos stayed with Greg's mom, stepdad and sister Gigi on their ranch the first 5 days. They played in the river, road horses, worked with cows...had a great time being there with them
The cow hands
Then they met Greg's dad and step mom and stayed with them for 5 days where the went to the movies and the condo at the beach and played there. They all said they had a blast both places and cant wait to go back next summer! They loved being able to stay 10 days and were happy to be home, but so happy they all went! 
At the condo pool

Going out in the boat ( in the rain) with pawpaw.
On Thursday they left St. Pete and we picked them up 2 hours later! I was happy to have my babies back again!

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