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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Camp Week July 8th - 13th

Last week these guys went off to Fort Caswell on Oak Island for a week of church camp. They had a great time getting to know their youth group better and learning how to Step Up, Speak Up and Stand Up for Christ. Their youth leaders made a video of the week you can watch HERE.
I was thankful for facebook, instagram and snapchat to keep up with these guys because I sure did miss them after they were in Florida a whole 10 days before camp. Here are a few of the pictures they sent me...
It rained one a mud fight was the afternoon activity. 

Abigail and her BFF's Peyton and Katelyn
The Four Amigos 
The whole Crew! 

Another amazing thing that happened at camp was that Micah accepted Christ on Wednesday night July 10th! He spoke with a camp leader and with Greg and made a profession of faith. When he came home on Sunday during the youth presentation, he told the whole church about it and said he wanted to go to heaven one day to see his mom. This is something we have been praying for since he became our son. Praising God for this!

Meanwhile here at home Ms. Essie had a lot of mommy time. She helped me clean house and take care of Sarah Faith
At night, we hung out and ate ice cream and watched So You Think You Can Dance.

Another big event was Sarah had her hair braided! A sweet lady came to the house and did this for us. I wish I could say it was an enjoyable experience but Sarah screamed for the majority of the 3 hours hours it took to have them done. :(  I like how they look and am really liking the  no tangles , but I am not sure we will do it again anytime soon because she was not a fan!

The last day before the crew came home was Dress like a Cow Day at Chickfila. So Essie and I put on our best MOO and went for a free lunch. It was fun and even Sarah was over her braids by then and had fun with it!

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