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Monday, June 24, 2013

Our Week in Review

 We had one busy first week of summer! Abigail had volleyball camp at Piedmont International, Micah had soccer camp, Essie had Pioneer camp and Nate had 5 days of swim practices and meets! Sarah Faith and I hung out at the YMCA and swam while Nate was in his swim practices. We were busy and drove around a lot but everyone had a great time!
Yesterday, my 4 big kids flew to Florida to visit grandparents for 10 days!! It is just gonna be me, Greg and Sarah Faith here! What a switch for us! I know they will have a great time in FL, but I sure am gonna miss them!
Abby and the campers and coaches at PIU

Essie and Ms. Kim

Micah with his coach from the UK elite soccer camp, Steven.

Hanging at the pool after Nates swim practices
Sarah Faith is chilling out on mommy at the pool. 

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