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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

One year ago today...

One year ago today, I met two of my five children for the first time. I remember being so exhausted. We had traveled all night, arrived in Addis Ababa, showered, unpacked and left for lunch at Metro Pizza. The longest lunch ever! I was so anxious to get to the transition home!

As we pulled into the gates of America World, I remember feeling like I would never get to this moment. I was shaking with excitement and nerves and was so thankful that Greg and Abby were there with me.How it works is each family takes turns waiting on the porch and the nanny will bring your children out to you as flashes are going off and cameras are recording. It is a little awkward, but you need to capture the it is what it is....

This was the first time holding Sarah and Greg hugging Micah. Sarah Faith was so sick, she was on medications, feverish and glassy eyed. I was so happy to see her but so sad for her to be sick. After the cameras were collected and we found a quiet space to sit, it was when it really began to feel like we were a family. Our first family photo. Again, I am so glad we allowed Abby to go with us. It was a good thing. It was good for a 13 year old to see how others live and it has given her a heart for Africa and for missions. ( She is actually trying to raise money to go back in April!)

One of the things I loved about the week was being able to log into Facebook and my blog to share and journal about our day. To hear the encouraging words and prayers from so many of our friends and family stateside. To feel like we were not in this alone , but that God had placed so many encouragers in our lives. Those that loved our new children already.

The next 6 months after leaving them in Ethiopia was probably the longest of my life. And the next 6 months having them home have probably been the fastest of my life. ( To say 2011 was a crazy year is an understatement!) Adoption is hard. The waiting and the uncertainty and the paperwork and the is all really hard. But so so SO worth it. We have been so blessed to have had Micah and Sarah join our family. Our 5 children love each other well. We are a family and we are blessed indeed.


  1. It has been such a blessing to watch your family and to share in it as part of your church family.

  2. :) Your a beautiful family. What a journey.