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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Favorite Thing Post

Here are a few of my favorite January things

1. My new Keurig beverage maker. Oh my! I bought it with birthday money and I am loving it. Love it. And I am not the only one..Greg and the kids are enjoying the yummy spiced ciders and hot cocoas it will fix for them. I really can't believe I waited so long to buy one. Especially as fond of coffee as I am.

2. Yesterday was Micah's 6 month doctors appointment. He had to get 4 shots and blood drawn. When we were talking about it, I told him he could take his iPod to listen to music or his build a bear to hug. He said all he wanted was his brother to go with him. Melt my heart. Nathan went and held his hand for all the shots. I took them to the "Big M"( McDonald's) after.

3. My new Schoolroom ( Den) I LOVE having another room in the house that is comfy to go read or be online in. And the best part is there is no tv in this room. Therefore, I do not have to listen to sponge bob or Pokemon.

4. Downton Abbey. Oh My! Who knew PBS could be so wonderful. If you have not watched this show, you are missing out. So good! If you have netflix you can stream season 1. And you can watch season 2 on PBS.

5. Vacation Planning. We are going to Florida the end of February. I love vacation planning. I also love that Micah ( and Sarah too) are going to get to fish, ride in a boat, see the ocean and ride a horse for the first time.

6. Created for Care. I cannot wait. Simply too excited for this retreat. 9 days!!

7. Winter. I am a big fan of this season. really, I am. I know I am in the minority, but I cherish these cold cloudy stay home in your sweats kinda days.

8. Love. I am getting to watch my very best friend fall in love with a great guy. To say I have been rooting for him for a long time is an understatement! Every time I see them together, I about burst!

9. Ethiopia. It is never far from my mind. The sights and smells and people. Greg, Abby and 3 others from our church are going for 10 days in April. I wish I was going too. We talked about me going instead of Greg, but just don't feel like I should leave Sarah for that long right now. S I will collect donations and help with the planning and praying for them all.

10. Words with friends. It is a silly little free app for my iPhone, but it is so much fun to play. I go back and forth between proud and embarrassed that my 14 year old is beating me in our ongoing game. :)

So that is my top ten thankful things this morning. I hope you are stopping to be thankful too. It helps your day go by so much better when you give thanks!

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