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Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Back about two springs ago we had been living in NC a year or so and Nathan began begging for a dog. A big dog. An outside run around, fetch kinda dog. He also wanted a guard dog ( he is my worrier) to protect him and his sisters while they were outside playing. After much persuasion Greg said that we could begin looking for a dog. So we began searching the paper and and Craig's list daily for the perfect dog. One day we had thought we found him. in Winston was having a pet fair on Saturday and had a litter of lab mixes that would be there. So after Nate's baseball game, we loaded up and went to look at the puppies. We got there and after talking to the lady in charge knew this was not the perfect dog for our family for many reasons. Nathan was not nearly as convinced. So all the way home we had three disappointed in tears children.

I pulled up Craig's list one more time on my phone and looked for a suitable puppy for us. There was an ad for a chocolate lab puppy in the town we live in so I called and left a message. All of a sudden the frowns were turned up side down. Yay!! A new prospect!!! So ,we went home and waited for a return phone call. When the man called us back he said that someone was coming the next day to look at the puppy, but he would give us a call if they did not take him and the puppy was $350. I told the man thank you, but we did not want to spend that much money on a puppy and he explained if the lady that was coming said no, he might could lower the price. I explained all this to the kids and again with the tears and the sadness! Greg said for them to pray about it and if this was the dog God wanted for us, he would let us get him.

About 5 min. later my phone rang. It was the puppy owner again. He asked me if I cared what color lab puppy we got? I said no and he said that of the litter, he had the one chocolate left, but three black labs and if we wanted, we could take our pick tomorrow. For free.

We were SO excited! Greg began warning us all that there is NO such thing as a free dog! Still, we made plans to go to see the puppies after church the next day. So we did and sure enough there were four of the cutest puppies and their parents in the yard. We played with all of the dogs, but there was one little cool dude that laid in the shade away from the rest of the pack.

We all decided that this was the one we wanted! We named him Mac ( for mac the computers and for Mac powell from third day) He came home and has been a part of our family ever since.

Mac and Nate on his first day home.
Waiting for dinner

Chilling out in the yard with mom

Doing his job protecting Esther.

He really really is the smartest, most laid back dog I have ever seen. He will do tricks and even sing for us. He has not destroyed a single thing inside the house and listens so well. We love our Mac - Daddy sooo much and I do think he was a gift to our family from the Lord. EB White once said "You cant buy a good dog." and that is the truth!

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  1. You don't count eating food off of your stove as "destroying"? Love you Mac!!