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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Spring Beach Trip to Florida

When it became clear that we were not going to be flying to Ethiopia before school let out we began to think of going to Florida to see Greg's family for our Spring Break. We found some really great deals on plane tickets and booked for the week between Easter and Mother's Day. Greg's dad and step mom have a place on the gulf coast called Little Gasparilla Island that we LOVE to go and visit every year.
I am so thankful that as my kids grow up, when they think beach, they will think of this place. This is really the only beach they have ever went to for extended vacations and it is such a great place for kids! There are no cars on the island ( you have to get there by ferry) and so you ride around the island on golf carts. All kinds of great adventures for little ones to get into.

Legend tells the island was part of a pirate route and so it lends itself to be a bit magical and mysterious. We have seen dolphin and manatee swimming near us a few times and there are always turtle nest, pelicans and lots of fish, shells and shark teeth to look for.
I always let them help me buy groceries for the week and of course they buy lots of junk! YooHoos, cream sodas, chips and twizzlers are always on the list!

We had two days at the beach by ourselves and then Grandma and Pawpaw came down in the boat! The kids LOVE going out on the boat and going fast, looking for dolphins and going fishing.
On the first full day they were there we were on the boat all day long! We went to a fun little place for lunch that had dollar bills all over the walls and you write your name on a dollar and join in everyone else that has eaten there. Rumor is that their cheeseburger was the inspiration for Jimmy Buffet's Cheeseburger in Paradise song!
We also went to the Marina and everyone got new beach shirts and fed shrimp to the big fish hanging out around the dock.
We cant wait to be able to take Micah and Sarah Faith to the beach next year. It will be SO much fun to get them out on the boat and experience it all through their eyes for the first time again.

Even though we were on vacation they were never far from our thoughts. We actually passed court and became Micah's legal parents on May 3 while we were at the beach! ( We passed court for Sarah the week before)

All in all a great week away for Spring Break!

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