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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Last Days of school

I have home schooled Abby every year but one since kindergarten. Her second grade year and Nathan K5 year they went to school in Florida. Esther has been schooled at home all along and so in 2007 when Essie started K4 was when I really began to do things with my "class" and make memories with them. With Abby in K5 and 1st grade it was more like trying to work school in while the little ones napped!
Looking back over the last 5 years that I have home schooled all three of them has been such a blessing. I am SO thankful to live in a country that allows me to school at home and a husband that not only supports and encourages me to continue homeschooling but helps with the hard stuff! ( like pre algebra!)

We usually start school a few weeks in August before the local school system and then we get out of school in May. We try to do something fun with the kids as a way to celebrate the end of a school year. A few years back I made a "summer adventure box" It was pirate themed and filled with all kinds of goodies and fun summer crafts. Sometimes we go out to dinner and a movie, last year we went to Carowinds for the day. Here are some pictures that look back on our end of school adventures!
May 2007 My babies look so young! This was our pirate themed adventure box.
2008.. this is when Esther Hope graduated from K5 in Lakeland , FL
May 2009 Our first school year living in NC. We went for Japanese food on the last day of school and then left for Florida because Grandma and Pawpaw took us on a DISNEY CRUISE! Now that is the best way to celebrate the end of school!
May 2010 We went to Carowinds for the day. Everyone had a blast and Esther was finally tall enough to ride roller coasters so she was a happy girl!
And now this year 2011...I am going to have a 4th grader, a 6th grader and an 8th grader next year! We went to see the Pirates Movie as our end of school celebration. We are looking forward to pool parties, later bedtimes, camps , VBS, 4H workshops and trips to grandparents this summer.

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