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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Beach Trip

My sister flew in from Denver last week and we met up with my mom and dad to take a beach trip to Myrtle. Greg and Sarah Faith stayed at home, so we kissed them goodbye and loaded up a very packed van Tuesday morning and headed out. We had a great Tuesday and Wednesday but then a tropical storm snuck up on us and rained all over our parade! We shopped and played, but being at the beach and not getting to swim isn't too much fun. We came home a day early, but had fun together and didnt hafta worry about sunburn! 

My babies....not looking much like babies!

With Aunt Jodi

Essie and Nate

Me and E...walking the beach

Tough guys

Walking the beach with Gramps


Thanks Gramps and Nana for a FUN time! 

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