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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Essie's Exciting News

Essie has had an exciting May. We have been told so many times that she looks like a model. With her long legs and arms and beautiful smile...she hears it a lot. I have a friend that actually worked for families whose daughters modeled in LA and she seriously talked to me and told me I should send her pictures in somewhere. So I researched online and found an agency in Greensboro that we could submit photos to. The form stated if interested they would get back to me within four weeks and that they get many children's photos daily and that if we did not hear back then they were not interested.  So I submitted 4 on a Tuesday.

I only told Greg and my best friend Amy about it because I didnt want to get Essie's hopes up if we didnt hear back at all. Well, the very next day, Wednesday, I got an email from the print/NEW faces agent telling me that she liked Essie's look and could we come in on Friday for just a "meet and greet".

Essie was SO excited when I told her! I explained this was not signing with them only meeting them and we needed to make sure they were a legit agency and take it slowly. We even prayed in the parking lot of the agency that God would help us know if this was something He wanted us to do and that He would lead us. 

 We went in on Friday and met the print agent. She was super nice lady from NY. She had worked for Ford Modeling in NYC and LA. She liked Essie and told her that her gut said Essie would be great for film too! She explained that usually the agents would get together once a week and decide as a team if a model was a good fit for their agency and if they could get work for them or not. She said they would email me within 2 weeks if they wanted to work with her.

 They took some digitals of her and then we waited... After a few minutes the film agent came in with the print agent and as soon as she saw Esther she said, "Yes, I want to work with her." They talked a little more about what kind of portfolio we would need and what an audition would look like. Then the print agent said, " I dont think we need to wait to decide, We both would like to work with Essie and think she would do great in film and print. We would like to go ahead and sign her. " 

Oh MY! 

So we took the contracts home and had a few people look over them to make sure what we were signing and then once we felt ok about it, we signed them! Essie is officially a signed model at a real agency!!!

We are now waiting to get an appointment with an amazing photographer to begin work on her portfolio and then she is going to take an acting class or two to get familiar with an audition. I am so happy for her! She doesnt like sports at all and has wanted a hobby all her own. The agents explained ( and we kinda knew) that NC is not NYC or LA.... this will be a hobby not a career and that is perfect for the time we are able to invest into it.  We cant wait to experience this with her though and are super excited for her!

leaving to go to the Meet and Greet

In the car , getting ready to go into the agency!

After being asked to join the team! 

After, I told her we could go anywhere she wanted for lunch. She chose Steak and Shake and got herself a double cheeseburger and milk shake! 

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