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Saturday, December 29, 2012

New Years Bags for 2013

We have a New Years Eve tradition. This started YEARS ago when we lived in Florida.... I think this might be our 5th or 6th year doing New Years Bags.  One year we even opened them in the van driving home from a Florida vacation.

Each bag has a clock or time on it and every hour the kids open a bag and there is some sort of activity to do that hour. It is a count down of sorts. We have a lot of fun with it and a few years ago I started to theme each year. HERE is our first year and HERE is last years bags.

This year we have a special fun guest opening bags with us. Greg's 16 year old sister Gigi will be visiting with us. The kids are looking forward to hanging out with her for a few days and having her here to welcome in 2013.

So here is our New Year bags to countdown to 2013........ Our theme this year is PIRATES

A pirate new year

10:00  Shinky dinks

The last day of the year yea mangy mates. Put yer hat on and get ready to sail into 2013. We pirates like to shrink heads, but today we are gonna shrink some dinks. 

( Pirate Shrinky Dinks)

11:00  Obstacle course and Gold Coin collection

Arg! Yea Scuttlebutts! Its almost time for yer lunch. Today Ye hafta earn yer grub by paying in gold coins.   Soooo Its time to get busy and earn yer keep. Go collect some booty outside. And dont forget to walk the plank!!

(Obstacle course and gold coin hunt. Run the course to collect a clue. The clue will take you to a gold coin. You must collect 4 coins so you need to run it 4 times. There are also  coins “hidden” in the grass. ) Must collect 5 coins to "pay" for lunch. 

12:00  Bonfire with hot dogs and Smores

Yea earned yer gold now pay up for grub, but dont think it is going to be that easy. Ye hafta cook it yerself. So grab a stick and a dog and get to cookin.

(Hot dogs and smores bonfire. )

1:00  Video contest

Us Pirates need not worry with pride or show off. We do what we must to get by...even if it makes us look crazy. Thats ok. We already are!  So grab yer cameras and get to filming...
Split into two teams and video yourselves. 

* Sing yo ho yo ho a pirates life for me in the most random place possible

  • Have a dance off to a song on your ipod a pirate would approve of

*Go to the playground and make someone walk the plank

  • Film yourself Before and After the RUM being gone

2:00  Pirate Game

Its time to put your rum sodden brains back in your noggin. We Arrrrrrr goin to play a game of wits. Lets see who is named the Pirate King or Queen

 ( Play Disney Cranium)

3:00  Snack

Take a break from all yer learnin and have some snackin

( Pirate Booty popcorn and pretzels to melt white chocolate with)

4:00 Pirate Gingerbread

Its time to see what ya really think of us pirates. Use yer skillz and make us  some pirate houses.

( mini gingerbread houses Decorating)

5:00  Silly String

Now its time that ye run off yer sugar..go outside and silly string yerself

( Silly String)

6:00 Dinner 

Time to eat yer grub what shall it be. How about some Pizza brought by delivery

 (Papa Johns Pizza) 

7:00 Dancing

Its a scary life, but its one we love. Sometimes Dancing  is all we can do

(Go play Just Dance)

8:00 Movie

Lets settle down and have us a grand ole time watching about the Pirates that made us all famous

( Watch Pirates of the Carribeen)

9:00 Snack

Watchin the Pirates arrrrrr making us hungry. Lets have us a snack.

(Popcorn, IBC rootbeer, M&M's)

10:00 Fireworks

Its time to get cracking. Fire cracking that is….Kaboooooooom!

( Fireworks)

11:00  Milk and cookies

Its time for scalawag to make their way to bed, but first a snack to help you have sweet pirate-y sleep

(Cookies and new cups)

Midnight Happy 2013!!
Sparkling Grape Juice for those that make it to 12:00

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  1. Okay, we Grants LOVE this idea and this theme. Your family is so much fun. I think we also "borrowed" your Family Fun Nights idea this year. We admire your fun, creative famiy from afar! Happy New Year!