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Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Years Eve Bags

Every year that we are home on New Years Eve, we have clock bags that we open on the hour. Sometimes we start in the afternoon and go til midnight and others we start early in the day and end at normal bedtime so those that want to go to bed early can and not miss any fun!

There is sometimes a riddle or just an activity in each bag and the kids open them on the hour. This years theme is Disney! The first bag will open at 9AM and go until 9 PM! This year I gave myself a budget of $50 and I am happy to say I went under budget! ( I am red boxing the game and dvd this year since the kids got SO much for Christmas!)
Here are all our bags ready to begin Saturday morning!

Bag #1

9 AM bag Good Morning Friends! Rise and Shine, its the last day of the year. Lets Celebrate Disney Style! Enjoy your pancakes in the shape of everyone favorite Mouse and think of some New “Ears” Resolutions.

We will eat Mickey shaped pancakes and I made a printable for everyone to list 3 "New Ears" Resolutions.

Bag #2

10AM bag Hidden Mickeys are fun to find ! There are Hidden Mickeys outside waiting for you. Try to find as Many as you can. There is something extra special inside!

We will hide 20 Easter eggs with Mickey Ears on them and quarters inside and send the kids out to find them. I think I am going to make a rule everyone can only find 5 since there are 20. Sweet Esther will let everyone take her eggs if I don't!

Bag #3

11AM Bag New Games are always fun especially when we don't know What Character you might be. Lets play and see who is the best guesser!

We bought the game Head Banz to play!

Bag #4

12PM Bag Soon its time to eat your lunch but first you have to work for it. Get ready get set to snap some pictures and turn on your imagination and creativeness

Here is our lunch for the day. Disney Noodle soup! And we have a cool scavenger photo game. We will split up boys and girls and two cell phones with cameras and it is not the one who finishes first but the most creative photos.

Here is the Scavenger Hunt List:

Disney New Year’s Eve Scavenger Hunt

Find something the color of Marlin’s forgetful friend

Pocahontas grandmother was one of these

Where would you put Rust-eze medicated ointment

If you were a pooh bear show where you would hide your hunny

Russell tried to get his explorer badge the whole movie in UP. Do something adventurous to get your explorer badge.

Wall-e would be sad because of the trash we find outside.. Find some trash and throw it away

Jesse the yodeling cowgirl was sad because her owner forgot about her. Find a forgotten toy and give it lots of love.

Be like Goofy and do the hot dog dance

When Donald tried to be the conductor in Fantasia the instruments came to life and took over. Find an instrument and play it.

Find something that looks like Mickey ears and take a picture of it


1PM Bag A good time running around and enjoying lunch, now let chill with a new Movie!

We are going to red box a disney movie

Bag #6

2PM Bag How bout a sweet treat while we finish our movie?

Phineas and Ferb Fruit snacks

Bag #7

3PM Bag Time to feed the rumbly in our tumblys. Lets make some mousey cookies

We are making Mickey Shaped sugar cookies with M&M's

Bag # 8

4PM Bag We couldn't go a whole day without some video game fun, could we?

We are also redboxing Disney Universe for the wii ( I Really wanted to buy this, but like I said I gave myself a budget and this would totally put me over.

Bag #9

5PM Bag Time for dinner. Its gonna be great make your own mickey pizza will be whats on your plate!

We will make our own pizza's in the shape of Mickey ( Of course!) I also bought Mickey Mouse plates to eat off of.

Bag #9

6PM Bag We are still counting down to the end of the year! Lets burn off some energy with a silly string fight!

Silly String. A can for everyone! :)

Bag #10

7PM Bag You are chosen by the Claw just like to Aliens in Toy Story . Make some Alien Punch and brighten up the night.

We are making punch using green Koolaid, ginger ale and green sherbet. Who doesn't like punch , right?

Bag #11

8PM Bag We cant have a Disney Day without our favorite game to fight at. Lets play Scene it Disney type!

Scene it! Disney Style

Bag #12

9PM Bag For 12 hours we counted down and now its time for bed. Cookies, milk and a story. Then its See ya Next Year!

New Mickey Mouse cups, cookies and a Disney good night book

I'll post some action shots on New Years Day!


  1. Can we come Play??? This sounds like great fun!

  2. Love your day!!! Such fun and creative ideas! :-) I can't post mine early though as some of mine would see it - and I haven't planned it all out yet either. :blush:

  3. Sounds like your going to have a real fun day!! My oldest is a big Mickey fan. I might use this idea next year. :)