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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Family Christmas

We opened gifts from our Florida Family on Christmas eve. Here we are skyping with Pawpaw, Grandma, Mammy and Aunt Kimmy
Sarah Faith got a phone and new computer from them!
Abby's big gift was an iPhone! She was pretty excited!
Esther got an American girl doll, and a bunch of accessories
The boys got 3DS's. Think they were excited!

My sister flew in from Denver on December 26th, so we had our Christmas with her and my parents on that night. It was pretty cool to spread it all our celebrations
.Everyone opening gifts! Sarah and AbbyI was able ( with help from a friend) to get my Bff Amy and my Sister Jodi Daughtry CD's signed by Chris. They were pretty excited!

My boys
Gramps and Essie
Jodi with he M&Ms' All the way from CO!

2011 was a great Christmas and to be honest, I am kinda sad to see it over!

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