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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Esther Hope

Happy Birthday Esther Hope Mullis. I cannot believe you are eleven years old! In honor of your birthday here are 11 favorite things I love about you! 
1. You always have a smile on your face
2. You are the friendliest little girl I know. It doesnt matter if it is an older person or a baby you are nice to them.
3. How you like to go on dates with me and daddy
4. How you are so good to your baby sister and let her play with your things
5. How you try so hard in school
6. Your imagination!
7. How great of an artist you are
8. That you like to cook with me.
9. That you are kind to everyone
10. How you try so hard to keep your room clean
11. How funny you are

I thank the Lord every day for giving me such a sweet and special girl like you. Love you to the moon and back Essie Hope! Keep loving God and doing your best. I cant wait to watch Him do big things with your life!.

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