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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Esther's Asian Inspired Birthday

Esther Hope is my party planner extraordinaire. While my other kids are happy with a better gift or an adventure out, Esther loves her a party. She begins thinking up ideas for her next birthday party approximately 10 months before her actually birthday. :) 
This year she is really into dragons and decided to have an Asian Inspired Birthday.  She came up with the menu and the party games and the activities and even what to put in the favor boxes. She had the most fun planning it! Her birthday is on a Wednesday this year, so we decided to have her party this afternoon.Here are some pictures from our day today. 
Abby and Nate are the Chefs. We had rice krispie, Swedish fish, fruit rollup  sushi and Chinese cookies to dip in chocolate. 

The kids also practiced their Chinese and made origami dogs. 

Essie at the sushi table

Her finished work

Dipping Chinese cookies in pink chocolate

Esther asked for a Moon Cake instead of a traditional birthday cake. It was fun to try it, but I think most of the kids were happy that I made cupcakes too. :) 

Addi using her chopsticks

We also had frog races with plastic frogs

Nana came too...

And Gramps and they brought their friends Rob and Rebecca from Virginia

Dinner....noodles, egg rolls, broccoli, sweet and sour chicken

Yummy fried rice.. our friend Juvy made it

Moon cake 

Reading her cards and opening her gifts

She really is the sweetest 11 year old I know. 

I had to add this picture of my dad, Gramps. He tried on Esther's new hat. I thought the look suited him :) 

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