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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Our Night With The Dash

Every once in a while God just gives you a super special night. It is not something you can plan or even buy and not something you deserve..just something that you know God just gave it to you to enjoy. We had one of those nights tonight.

It started yesterday, Nathan and I were out running errands and I checked my emails and there was one from the head AAU coach for the league Abby plays in. His message was that he had 17 Winston-Salem Dash tickets and the first ones to email him would get them for free. Well, I mentally went over our Thursday night schedule and remembered that Abby's basketball practice had been canceled this week so I emailed Coach R back (without even checking with Greg..something I usually would not do) and asked for 7 tickets. He emailed me right back to say they were mine! Yes!! 

I knew it was going to be a good night right from the beginning. Dinner went smooth, everyone helped clean up and we were all dressed and in the van by 6:15. What? That never happens?

When we got there to park, the man said $10 for vans. But then he asked if we were a 15 or 12 passenger van. When Greg said 12, he changed our parking fee to $5. Shweet. 

We got our tickets at Will Call. No problem. 

Ready for some baseball! 

B B & T field

 The public schools in our area are testing right now so we knew there would not be a big crowd there and it wasn't... Plenty of room to spread out and even let Sarah run a little. The temps were around 70 and low humidity. I don't think I could have requested better weather. It was so nice!

Nate, Micah, Esther and Abby

We got to our seats right at 7:00 and the game started right on time. We had great seats. Behind first base. 

Sarah liked the big screen

My boys...cheering on the home team. 

I love that man :) 

Sarah wouldn't keep her glasses on.

Micah was asked to participate in one of the races they had for kids at the bottom of the third inning. He didn't win, but he did get a Dash ball and was on the big screen tv and got to be on the field....pretty cool! It was a bit surreal for me to think that this time last year he was waiting in an orphanage in Ethiopia for us to clear Embassy and come and get him. Now here, 11 months later racing around the ball field! 

We saw a friend from church there with some of her family and she had an extra wristband for the all you can eat burger, hot dog, mac and cheese and drink buffet.  AND She gave it to us. For free. Awesomeness.

Micah also tried cotton candy for the first time ever. He liked it but could only eat a few bites. He said it was too sweet!

This would be after the cotton candy kicked in. :)

Sarah LOVED Bolt , the Dash Mascot. She bonked his nose, pulled his ears and gave him a high five. 

Essie, Micah and Nate wanted a Bolt picture too! 

It has just been a great night. Everyone was  having fun and enjoying the game. No fighting. No almost 2 year old meltdowns. Just  enjoying a family night out.

And then....

at the 8th inning they have this contest where they will show three picture/videos of the night on the screen and the one everyone cheers for the most is named the "Fan of the Game" and wins a prize pack. Well, all 5 of the kids had been on the screen flexing their muscles and dancing at different times, but whoever chooses picked Sarah as shot # 3. The called her shot "Baby Face" and she won by a landslide of cheers!  She was soooo cute up on the big screen! 

Then they showed her on the big screen for a long time with Nathan holding her! She won 2 hats, 2 tee shirts, a baseball and an autographed picture of Bolt.

It was just one of those nights that makes you thankful for your God, your family and all your blessings. I think  we will all remember it for a long time.

Thanks Coach R for the tickets and Sandy for the wristband and the Winston-Salem Dash for a GREAT family night!

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  1. Oh, what a wonderful night you had! Glad you had fun!