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Monday, May 14, 2012

Kombolcha Ethiopia.....Africa 2012

Abigail and Greg were able to go to Kombolcha Ethiopia in April for 10 days. They had an amazing trip and came back so excited for what God is doing through Children's Hope Chest and One Child Campaign in Ethiopia. After looking at over 2500 pictures from different team members on the trip.. I picked out a few of my favorite ones to share with you guys. You can also go HERE and watch the video I made for their presentation in church.
The Goodwill Group. Up early to make their flight to DC

Abby and a sweet little one

One of my favorite photos of Derek and two of the girls from the care point
Greg with some of the boys.

I think he was quite the fan favorite among the older boys. :) 
Abby was so excited that she got to see our dear friend, Yonas at America World on Sunday.

The Goodwill teen group made care packages and sent pictures in them. Here are the kids opening their care package and showing the pictures. They were excited to see Abby in the photos. 

Mrs. Sandy and one of the boys..
My very favorite picture of the whole trip :) 
The whole group that went.. Kombolcha team 2012
The church sign that greeted our peeps back to Kernersville.

So glad that they had a safe wonderful trip. It was an amazing week from all that we heard. Another amazing thing is that once the 2013 dates were set for next March the trip is over 75% full...and 8 of those team members are from our church!! How cool is that??!! 

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