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Monday, April 2, 2012

20 Random thoughts in my head...

20 Random things in my head...

I want a VW convertible. Maybe a rabbit or cabrio. I love the Yeti, but she is killing me on gas and I don't need all that space when I am only hauling a kid or two around. I had a yellow convertible in high school and I have had a sensible vehicle since 1997. I am ready for a fun little zippy car.

I kinda want to dye my hair red for summer. I am still mulling on this..This gray has got to go

I go into sports mourning after the Big Dance. Baseball and pro basketball is all that is left. Boring.

I always think I love summer in April - June. Then I am totally over it. Cant we just skip July and August?

Summer reruns are depressing. All there is to watch is reality tv. Parenthood...why can't you be year round?

I can't believe my Ethiopians have been home 10 months. Man, it has went by fast. and been so great.

No, I don't think we will adopt again. The inn is full.

Happiness is spending the night for two nights with my BFF since forever. and laughing in bed at midnight like we were 15.

New school curriculum catalogs makes me happier than a fat kid with cake.

My hubs and 14 year old are leaving for Ethiopia in 19 days and I have yet to panic about the ten days I am home alone with the other 4. Maybe I am growing up. Maybe the panic is delayed.

Larry Bird is gonna be on the Late show with David Letterman on April 11th. I am ridiculously excited. I love #33.

I am doing the Read the Bible in 90 days challenge. I am on Day 61. I waited this long to talk about it because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to do it. Challenge is a good word for it, but it has been amazing. I have loved reading such huge chunks of the Word. It has been a life changing 60 days.

I have learned this month that saying I am a Christian means I am to forgive others and show them the love of Christ even when I don't feel that love and this is phenomenally harder to do than to say. It is what Jesus did. So just do it.

I am excited more than I should about VBS this year. I am such a VBS dork. Thankfully my co-director is too. It makes the planning fun.

If I hafta hear Red Solo Cup by Toby Keith one more time. I may rip my clothes and scream in despair. Someone write that man a decent song please.

I am slightly addicted to my Keurig still. I just today discovered Sweet Southern ice tea blend. I'm gonna move onto iced coffee K cups next.

Is it bad that my main motivation for watching Micah play soccer on Saturdays is I can get some sun on my ghostly white legs? That and he looks adorable in his uniform. I still don't understand the game. What the heck is Off Sides??

Listening to Nathan play his guitar and sing about Jesus makes my heart melt. I pray his wife is kind because he has about the sweetest heart of any boy I know.

Letting go of a few responsibilities no matter how good they are can be amazingly liberating. I found that out this week. Sometimes just say no is the answer.

Taking Spring Break in February sounds great in January, but not so much by April. School is flying by though. Hoping to be finished by Memorial day.

Thats all folks...night night

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  1. I think this is the first time I have ever been to your blog. I love it! You header is absolutely adorable. Cute blog post too!

    Alyssa is playing softball and I too enjoy sitting there in the sun. Last week it was so cold that sitting there for 2 hours for practice felt like an eternity but its worth it when I see her looking over at us when she makes a good play! :)