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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Kerner Ridge Buddy Program

Our 4H club, The Trailblazer have a program that they have brought back from recent years in that you adopt a buddy from the Kerner Ridge retirement home. Micah and Nathan's buddy is named Mr. Tom and Abby and Esther have a buddy named, Mrs. Mildred. The kids are encouraged to ask them question and find out more about their lives. They also can draw them pictures and take them little gifts each month when we go to sing for the residents. The kickoff to the program was last week and the theme was  Western. Our friend, Mrs Karen did a wonderful job planning and organizing for us. 

The yummy food table 
My boys with Mr. Tom

Playing games and getting to know your buddy

Abby and Esther working on pictures for Mr.s Mildred

My girls with their buddy, Mrs. Mildred

The whole group sang for the residents right before we went home.
I am really glad that we are doing this program this year. I am looking forward to going every month and learning more about these wonderful people that God has placed in my children's lives.


  1. Oh wow, that looks like such a fun thing to do. I've been so happy to be friends with some 'elderly' people all during my growing up years. It's amazing how young at heart most of them really are.

  2. Hi!
    My name is Brittany. My family is adopting two little kids from Africa, and i have enjoyed following your blog. I noticed you live in North Carolina, my family does too. We live near Greenville. Your family wouldn't happen to live near there would you?