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Sunday, March 18, 2012


So it seems like my winter snow dream lasted about 6 hours one Sunday afternoon in February. That is all we are gonna get!!
I have been spoiled in NC the past 4 winters with beautiful 6" or more snowfalls that made the perfect sled days and was also perfectly melted within a few days. Micah has been dying for snow and we even thought about taking him skiing, but it would be more like slush even at the ski resorts because of such a mild winter. Sooooo I made the kids go out and enjoy this one! The did too! The boys stayed out until all it was was a muddy slushy mess.

Ready to sled!
First time!
Everyone ran outside just as soon as the snow started!

We are into 70 degree March days now and most of the trees in NC have begun to bloom so I really do think winter is over. :( Oh well...maybe next year we will get a big snow. If not..I might have to go chase one down!

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