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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Florida trip! Part 2

We were able to go on vacation the last week of February/ the first week of March to Florida to see Greg;s family. Abby and Nate flew down a few day early so it was only Greg and Me, Sarah, Esther and Micah on the trip down. (Can I just say I have no idea now why I ever felt overwhelmed with just 3 children??)

We were able to split the week and stay at Greg's dad's and his moms with a beach trip squeezed in the middle.

Greg's mom and step dad live on a ranch and his little sister Gigi has a ton of animals to play with. The kids have so much fun outside they all become dirty, sticky, hot messes by bedtime.
Here is my crusty crew with Ma, Pa and Gigi
Gigi's hound dog Priscilla ( and yes, the daddy is named Elvis) had a litter of puppies and so there were lots of cuddle furry babies to love on.
Micah at the river
The river was low, but that didn't keep them from trying to tube down it.
Esther and her cousins Amanda and Tristan
The whole group of cousins playing Hide and Seek in the dark. So much fun!

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