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Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl Party (s)

Last night we went to a couple in our churches house to watch the super bowl. I don't think anyone really really cared which team won. We were all just happy to talk and laugh and EAT!Thanks Chris and Elizabeth for having us over!

Man, I look tired..maybe it was the colors I was wearing.....Or maybe it was just past my bedtime. :)
Brenden and Donnay
Dean and Donna
Brent and Deana

Derek and Deanna ( who by the way are going to Ethiopia with Greg and Abby in April) Go HERE to check out their blog! So excited for them!!

Meanwhile....back at the Mullis house, another super bowl bash was going on....

Abby had her besties, Katelyn and Peyton over and they had a ton of food to eat too!Watching the game and then I think they turned it off and did Wii Just Dance 3 most of the night!
Sarah got in on the first part of the party ( snacks) but before I left, I put her down for the night and she didn't even know all the fun she missed! :)

My favorite part of the super bowl was the Tony Dungy adoption video that was shown right before halftime. If you missed it, you can watch it HERE.

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