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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Project 365 week 5

This week's theme was REMINDERSI am reminded how much I love my husband when I see him loving on our children
I am reminded how cool life is when I see my big black lab, Mac. Growing up, one of my best friends had a lab named Bud and I always wanted a big sweet dog just like him. I have one now. He makes me smile.
The picture reminds me of how much I love my new coffee maker and making coffee in one of my new favorite mugs. I need daily reminders of this. So I must use it daily... or many times a day. :)
Oh my heart. This shot reminds me that they grow up way too fast. Couldn't you just eat those little fingers and toes?

These next three are reminders of God's amazing blessings on my life. I get to watch these kids grow up and I get to teach them and laugh, love and live with them. every. single. day. awesomeness. ( I love Abby too, but she had like 4 ball games this week and other 14 year old social plans and was seriously never home when I got my camera out!)
This bell sits in our church courtyard. I love it because every time I walk past it I am reminded that I am only here a short time. This bell ( and our church) has seen wars, good times, bad times, funerals, marriages, babies and even many pastors. It has stood by and watched years go by. I am just here for the moment. I am reminded that I want my moment to count.


  1. This is an awesome post! I love all of your photo's and those are some amazing reminder's! :)

  2. I love your photos! The one of the little toes is so sweet. I have a coffee maker like yours and I love mine also. It makes getting up in the morning a little more bearable. Hope you are having a good weekend.