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Monday, December 12, 2011

Our weekend

Our weekend was kinda busy, as most weekends in December are. I always have the deacons and elders of our church (and their wives) over for dinner in December. This Saturday was the night.The dining room table all readyMy little elves helped me clean house Saturday morning and then they watched Sarah so I could cook Saturday afternoon,Rolls raising....Abby wrapping gifts...It didn't hurt that I made a rule no video games until my chore list was all marked you can see, they made short work of the list so they could play a little Mario Cart.
I had to add a Sunday morning picture of Miss Sarah. All dressed up in her 1 of 5 Christmas dresses!
Hope you guys had a great weekend too. I love Christmas time. The excitement and business of it! Our engagements are almost completed for this year. The last few weeks before Christmas we will spend a little time baking cookies, watching Christmas movies and finishing up a few school projects before the much anticipated 2 week school break. :)
Our social worker comes Wednesday for our 6 month post placement visit. I cannot believe the kids have been home half a year! Time has flown by for sure.

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