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Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Cookie Making Time

We made Christmas Cookies tonight. Oh MY! My Kitchen may never look the same, but the kids had a BLAST! They were VERY creative with them too.. Abby made a Mac the dog cookie out of a stocking. They also had swamp people and ax murderer gingerbread men ( I guess that is what you get when your kiddos get older!) Here are Micah Moo with his favorite ones he decorated. He was the first to finish so he could eat them!
Sweet Essie and her Christmas tree
Abby with her Mac the dog stocking cookie
Nate was into yellow this year...I think all of his cookies were yellow
Sarah Faith sharing with Mac
Oh My! The icing has KICKED IN!
We had so much fun and hopefully they all made memories that will last forever.

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