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Thursday, September 15, 2011


September has kept us pretty busy so far! Just this past weekend we were able to go up to Daniels, WV and Greg preached at their homecoming service. It was such a special time for us to see so many friends and they were all able to meet the newest Mullis kids. DMBC was Greg's first full time church and has such a sweet place in our hearts.
Abby has kept us busy with Volleyball for the FHE ( forsyth home educators) Hawks and she also has basketball tryouts. Bball will be right on the heels on volleyball season. Greg is her coach this year for basketball and they are both looking forward to the season starting.

Abby playing volleyball (#15)
And at basketballMicah had his first soccer game Saturday and his team won 6-4! He did really good out on the field and we all had fun watching him and cheering him on.

For school the past week, Micah and Esther have been reading The Raft and they learned about Rivers, Wisconsin, Animals and family trees and real trees!
Here they are trying a little Wisconsin cheese...
They made corn bread just like Grandma in the book did and just like the boy in the book, they got to try it with honey or maple syrup. Esther liked the honey and Micah, the maple syrup.

I also have a sweet online friend that lives in Wisconsin so the kids compiled a list of questions about living there and emailed them to her. The enjoyed getting her answers back and both thought we just go on a field trip to Wisconsin because it looked like a fun state.

We also had our 3 month post placement visit this week. I cannot believe we have been home 3 months. The kids have adjusted beautifully and we are so thankful for that and for them.

We are expecting cooler weather this weekend, which makes me sooooo happy. I love fall so much and am ready for jeans, sweatshirts and some pumpkin spice lattes! We have a home school picnic and soccer this weekend so it should be a great relief from the heat!

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