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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Happy 11th Birthday Micah!

Micah's 11th birthday is today! We have been talking about his birthday for a few weeks now and have been counting down, but I am not sure he really understood it until today. He woke up to a giant breakfast that Abby and Nathan helped me fix. After breakfast, we let him open his cards from our Florida Family. He was a little excited to see the cash in the cards! He has decided he needs a "fast bike" like Nathans and so he is saving his money. We are going to Va tomorrow night and he will get to celebrate a little more with my parents!
Excited about the cash!The only thing he said he wanted from us is a spider man mask. Well, we found a whole costume complete with a muscly chest. He was giddy about that and went right to his room to put it on.
After breakfast, we loaded up and went to the mall. Micah has been sleeping with Nathan's build a bear animals and switching them around, but he liked Nathan's monkey. We took the monkey with us and went to Build a Bear workshop. As soon as we walked in and he understood, he went straight to a black bear and chose him.
Sewing up Baloo the black bear. He also picked out a soccer outfit for him complete with shoes. Heading home with the bear!
Josh and Reid came over this afternoon and Micah opened gifts from them and they stayed to eat Ethiopian food with us and loved it! I made Doro Wat, Mesir Wat, Dinich Wat, Gomen Wat and Ethiopian cabbage. Yummo! Even my injera turned out pretty good.

The cake Micah picked out was an Avatar the last Airbender cake. This is his very favorite show on tv and he has watched all the episodes on Netflix. It was really good too!

So in true blogger fashion her are 11 things I love about my Micah:

1. your sweet smile

2. Your awesome bear hugs. They are so tight I can hardly breathe!

3. Your funny sense of humor and how you crack us all up

4. Your determination to accomplish a skill. You learned to swim in a day and pick up sports so quickly.

5. The way you love your brother Nathan

5. Your sense of fairness. You want to make sure everyone is getting the same amount, even if it makes you get less than.

6. The way you are learning English

7. How much fun it is to feed you. You make a mama that likes to cook happy.

8. How you look out for Sarah Faith.

9. How curious you are about church and the Lord.

10. How brave you are. Is there anything you are afraid of?

11. How happy and proud I am to call you my son. I love you Micah Gregory Chernet Mullis.

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  1. Oh my! That is so sweet I got teary eyed by the end. So glad to see them home and happy.